Ways to Consume Kratom Powder

Kratom may be very effective in helping relieve pain, boosting energy and helping out on mental and emotional issues, but it may have a downside – it has a bitter taste that is best masked through capsule or mix in dishes or beverages or baked goods.

Brownies is one of the best ways to make the consumption more pleasant.

Scour the internet and many recipes can be found that will make Kratom consumption even more enjoyable. Usually, these are shakes, pastry recipes and smoothies that are consumed happily by those who make it right in their own home. Internet recipes usually do not comment on the dosage of the Kratom powder to be used in such recipes but they emphasized that if it is designed to be eaten in one go then one intended dose should be mixed in, while if it is intended to be eaten as small portions on a daily basis, then the dosing can be adjusted accordingly.

One popular Kratom-based beverage is the Chocolate Kratom smoothie. The chocolate Kratom shake is one of the most downloaded recipe over the internet and the reason is simple: almost everyone appreciates a chocolate milk shake and given chocolate’s strong taste it can effectively mask the bitterness of Kratom.

How to make a kratom chocolate milkshake? Well there are easy ways. Add the intended dosage of kratom to one cup of chocolate ice cream, add in several pieces of ice cubes, a tablespoon of sweetened cocoa powder, and blend away.

For those who may want to make a fruit-based chocolate smoothie, one can combine one cup of frozen berries (any type will do), and then add in a tablespoon of chocolate syrup or a tablespoon of sweetened cocoa, add the intended dosage of Kratom powder, plus some ice cubes then blend in an osterizer or blender.

Kratom-based desserts

Another popular way of consuming Kratom is through desserts. Scour the World Wide Web and one will find fabulous dessert recipes that help mask the bitter taste of Kratom especially for first time users. Some of the popular dessert recipes are jelly-based like coffee or fruit jelly.

When making a coffee jelly, just combine in a pot intended kratom powder dose in the amount of water needed to make a packet of unflavored gelatin. Allow it to simmer. Add in a teaspoon (or more) of instant coffee powder, and the desired amount of sugar and mix thoroughly. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat, and add in the gelatin powder and mix thoroughly until lumps disappear.

Pour the gelatin mixture in a container and allow it to set in the refrigerator. Once set, slice into cubes. Add in some chilled all-purpose cream and desired amount of condensed milk to sweeten it, and eat as desired.   

Kratom Pastries

As for Pastries, one of the more popular kratom laden pastries is brownies. Just add in the intended kratom powder dosage in a mixture pack of brownie mix and bake as directed.

Kratom consumption can indeed be pleasant with delicious beverages and desserts.